Bloom’s Taxonomy with appropriate websites to use. Click on picture to enlarge.

Personal Favorites: is a great website to use for categorizing what you have read, want to read, and are currently reading. For the hyper-organized English teacher, this is crack cocaine. is probably the resource I use the most in my lesson planning. If I need anything- handouts, sources, discussion guides- then this is the most likely place to find it. Truly wonderful, and it offers interactives and lessons for every grade level and subject. is an adorable website, but also awesome. It provides all the zany, odd, unexpected, and REAL holidays that go unnoticed in our daily lives. Want to know when Iced Tea Day is? You should, because I love iced tea. It’s June 10th and I hope you celebrated it. 

Described as a “dynamic whiteboard wiki,” looking at the possibilities makes you feel like throwing out every old school poster board assignment and coming into the 21st century. might be a great place to check what’s on TV, but it’s also a great place for videos, graphs, timelines, quizzes, you name it. Working a short video clip into a lesson can be way more effective than busting out the VCR player and rolling TV to watch some dated video from the school library. is cooler than This is a fact. On, the words move across the space, are colorful, and display lexicon connections. Fun! Fun! has many, many awesome, free -keyword free lesson plans. I have found the search engine to be a little lacking, but there are great things to be found, even if they can be a little hidden sometimes.

PreKinders is a website full of resources for PreK and Kindergarten teachers. It’s created by an amazing Pre-K teacher who has recipes, activities, instructions, and just about anything else you might need for younger learners. One thing that impresses me is how “hands on” their learning is! is like Hulu for smart people. Seriously. I don’t know how applicable this would be in a lower level classroom, but I would suggest a teacher of any age or subject perusing it on their own. Fora has videos of that are part academic lecture, part news program, but they cover a wide variety of topics from economy, world affairs, and social issues. Their slogan at Fora is “Videos on the People, Issues, and Ideas Changing the World,” which sums it up better than I ever could. Go learn something!


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