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What My Students Think I Look Like

This was a gift from last year. I loved it so much that I saved it. The funny thing is, while this kid was mischievous, he was not bad and I truly enjoyed having him in my class! When he gave it to me, he made sure to describe everything in the drawing. “See that’s me. Cause you never call on me and you hate me. And that’s you there, see, I even drew the ruffles on your sweater. K, bye.”

I look quite lovely here. I especially like how my eyeballs are looking suspiciously to the corner of the page. Who am I watching? Do they deserve detention?

Ahh, and in this one I am second to the left…no wait. This is the cast of Jersey Shore! I confiscated (oh, yeah. I confiscate) this being drawn during class. You really can’t help but love it though. The student knows all of their names, but also does a fair job with body type too! Snookie is simply rendered with a backward S and fat cheeks. Ronnie has extra muscle lumps. And the always demure JWoww has boobies which shoot up and out like bottle rockets. Vinny seems kinda lame though. I guess he is the Chris Kirkpatrick of the group.

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